W3S2 [ˌkwɔlıfıˈkeıʃən US ˌkwa:-] n
1.) [C usually plural]
if you have a qualification, you have passed an examination or course to show you have a particular level of skill or knowledge in a subject
academic/vocational/professional/educational etc qualifications
the academic qualifications needed for university entrance
technical/secretarial/medical etc qualifications
jobs that require technical qualifications
Applicants should have an EFL qualification and a year's teaching experience.
qualification in
She gained a qualification in marketing.
40 percent of the prisoners lack any qualifications .
paper qualifications
BrE (=official qualifications rather than experience or personal qualities)
2.) [C usually plural]
a skill, personal quality, or type of experience that makes you suitable for a particular job or position
qualification for
health and fitness qualifications for membership in the Territorial Army
qualification to do sth
There have been questions about his qualifications to lead the company.
Does he have the right qualifications to become a Supreme Court Justice?
3.) [U]
when a person or team reaches a necessary standard, for example by passing an examination or defeating another team
Upon qualification, you can expect to find work abroad fairly easily.
qualification for
the US qualification for the World Cup
4.) [U and C]
something that you add to a statement to limit its effect or meaning
I welcome without qualification the Minister's proposal.
Qualification is usually plural. Qualifications are all the examination passes and skills you need to do a particular job : Academic qualifications (NOT qualification) are not necessary to do this job.
When qualification is used in the singular form in British English, it means 'a degree, a certificate, a diploma etc' : a qualification in business studies. Speakers of American English usually mention the specific name of the degree, diploma etc they are talking about, e.g. high school diploma, college degree, teaching certificate etc.
!! Do not say 'study a qualification'. Say study for a qualification.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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